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Practice Management Software that efficiently and effectively manages your students or patients throughout the continuum of care! Reli-On can help your organization communicate efficiently and collect information reliably.

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Reli-On is a highly customizable web based Practice Management Software. It is configurable by facility with plug and play components to suit your needs. Reli-On features extensible security options with field level security. Email and text alerts can be customized and automatically sent when selected events occur.


All information across multiple facilities is stored in one place improving the communication among the staff. Reli-On allows you to address potential late medication delivery before it occurs by sending alerts via text messages and emails. Reli-On features reporting to help you analyze staff efficiency in the delivery of medications and to report medication delivery errors. Information from Reli-On can also be exported into Microsoft Office formats for further analysis.


Reli-On is the result of a cooperative effort between The Learning Tree, Inc.  and Meresys Development Corp.  It was written to address real world problems in the care and management of long term care students and patients.  This software captures pertinent information that can be easily accessed and analyzed from any location.


  • Pharmacy EMAR System including Allergies
  • Automated/Custom Alert System
  • Enrollment Check Lists
  • Blood Pressures
  • Heights / Weights
  • Diagnosis
  • Diet Information
  • Enrollment Medications
  • Immunizations
  • Insurance Information
  • Medical Conditions
  • Student Physicians
  • Referring Agencies
  • Services Provided
  • Test / Results
  • Q-VIEW (Quick View)

Security can be customized by Role or Individual User. Information can be available on a "Need to Know" basis with field level security. Security audits are available on modified information.


Client Personal Information, Enrollment Check Lists, Enrollment Medications, Parents Info, Relatives Info, Responsible Party Info, Step Parents, Emergency, Insurance, Referring Agencies, and Miscellaneous info.


Allergies, Blood Pressures, Height/Weight, Diagnosis, Immunizations, Medical Conditions, Physicians, Services Provided, Tests and Results.


Notifications by e-mail or text on potential late medications before they occur.  Automated notifications are also given for New Profiles and Early/Wasted Medications. Medication profile histories are made available for analysis.

Marc Williams, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Learning Tree, Inc.

One of the most efficient features of the Reli-On software is the Security.  It is extremely secure and can be customized to our needs. This feature is ahead of the rest.

Shellie Bosarge, R.N., Coordinator of Nursing Services

I have been using the Reli-On system for two years.  We use it for all routine and PRN medication administration.  The system is easy to use and self explanatory. My favorite thing about this system is the medication alerts.  Alerts are generated when a medication is not given on time. This has allowed us to reduce our medication error rate.

Ben Rogers, Director of Operations, The Learning Tree, Inc.

The Reli-On system has been so impressive in streamlining our company's collection of information. It is easy to train and easy to use.  The support and development from Meresys has been outstanding.