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Below are the products and services that MERESYS can provide. Each service compliments the other to provide a blend of expertise geared at improving the overall efficiency of software development and implementation. Our products are the results of the services we provide and are produced through a cooperative effort of qualified and dedicated individuals. Please click on the appropriate link for more information on the product or service.


CARLOS - Tracking and Deficiency System
This product was developed for a major medical university and teaching facility. It allows the Medical Record Department to track records, and also report on deficiencies in the record.. Please click on this link for more information.


Data Conversion:
When replacing systems, or installing new systems it is sometimes desireable to keep historical or current information. Data Conversion Services in some cases can provide the means to automate this process. Please click on this link for more information.

Custom Programming Services:
MERESYS is always seeking new applications to build that will compliment our present packages or software under development. We use the latest technology available. Please click on this link for more information.

For information regarding our products or services, please send your request to Information@meresys.com
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