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We have found that when implementing our systems, there is a need to bring over existing information from legacy systems or systems being replaced.
Many clients do not want to discard this information and start over, and in some cases they do not have the resources to enter this manually.

Basically we have two methods of getting your information into our applications:

Programmatically Parse Information:
   Write programs to parse the information out of a report or file provided electronically.

Manual Entry Process:
   When information is not available electronically, we can offer a manual keying service. By utilizing special software designed for this purpose, we can have the information keyed directly into an ASCII.txt file, verified for accuracy, and then imported into the CARLOS system.

Key Benefits:
   Expedite the installation process.
   Bring forward critical information that otherwise would have been lost.
   One stop solution for clients that do not have the resources to dedicate to conversions.

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