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CARLOS is the Medical Record Tracking and Deficiency System. CARLOS stands for Computer Aided Record LOcation and Deficiency System + PLUS!.

 System Requirements and Features:

   SERVER: NT Server
   CLIENT: Windows-NT,95,98,2000,XP
   INTERFACES: Proprietary or HL-7

 System is completely table driven with no hard code.

CARLOS comes standard with three modules or components.

Master Patient Index (MPI Component):

The master patient index component stores critical patient identifying information. Data is indexed, stored, and searched in such a way to ensure both accuracy and speed.

Key Benefits and Features:

   HL-7 or proprietary interface for importing demographic information.
   User friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).
   Developed with healthcare partners and input from experienced and proven healthcare professionals.
   Multiple and single facility capabilities.
   Search fields are: patient name, medical record number, birth date, account number, discharge date/patient type, and social security number.

Abstracting Component:

   Key Benefits and Features:

   The most frequently used data elements or fields are captured and stored for reporting.
   Standard reports come with the system. In addition, a well known report writer is available for the user to create custom reports for profiling.

Location and Deficiency Component:

   Key Benefits and Features:
   Unlimited user defined location codes.
   Unlimited user defined deficiency codes.
   Userid/Password protected with Administrator, Supervisor, Clerk, and view only rights.
   Captures Employee activity for productivity reporting.
   Calculates number of delinquent records based on Discharge date, date the deficiency was assigned, or other assigned date as determined by the administrator.
   Can be used by teaching and non-teaching facilities.
   Handles attending and house staff deficiencies, as well as deficiencies monitored by allied health personnel.
   Ability to capture deficiency data concurrently or after discharge.
   Automated color flag assignment for the physicians.
   Physician letters on demand.
   Standard reports on demand.
   Ability to produce customized reports using CRYSTAL report writer.
   Location delinquency can be calculated differently based on the code assigned.
   Comments can be stored for each location assigned and for each deficiency that is added.
   Pull lists for record requests.

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